Meet Randall & Help Build an xkcd School

Xkcd is coming out in a dead-tree edition in mid-September (also known as a book). The publisher, Breadpig, has promised to donate its proceeds from the xkcd book to Room to Read, a San Francisco-based non-profit that builds schools and libraries in the developing world.

The goal is to raise at least $30,000 to build a school named after xkcd in Laos. (Yes, the poor kids in Laos will have to pronounce that.)

Randall Munroe's book tour will include a number of benefits for Room to Read around the country. After much debate and deliberation over an Italian dinner about how to price the tickets, the geeks in us decided to let the market decide the price. We will set the ticket prices by auction. It's not just any auction, it's similar to the variant of a Dutch auction that was used in the Google IPO.

Here is how it works: People bid what they are willing to pay for a ticket (or multiple tickets). After all the bids are in, the tickets are set to the price where they would sell out. So if our event in New York City has 100 tickets, the price would be set at the 100th highest bid (where a bid for seven tickets is considered seven bids).

Everyone pays the same price. This encourages people to bid the actual amount they are willing to pay rather than trying to guess the minimum bid that would get them a ticket.

A winning ticket gives you entrance to the event, where you can hear Randall speak about his work, and a cocktail party.

The events in Silicon Valley and New York will include a live auction that could potentially sell a lunch with Randall and commissioned xkcd strips. (This is still all being discussed!).

The event tickets, depending on location, could include other goodies such as:

- A signed copy of the book, retail price $35.
- A signed print or poster, retail $15.
- A T-shirt.
- Libation and munchies.

Notes: Please see specific event pages to see what is included in each event. The choice of posters and T-shirts will be determined by what is in stock at the event.

To bid in, you will need a Google login (e.g. Gmail), we figured anyone who is an xkcd fan is likely to have one.

Comments? Questions? Email xkcd at breadpig dot com.

Bid now!

- New York, Saturday, Sept. 19. (Waitlist Only)
- Silicon Valley, Tuesday, Sept. 22. By Y Combinator (Waitlist Only)

Plus non-auction event:
- San Francisco, Monday, Sept. 21. (By EFF)

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